Craft: Muse vs Momentum

Muse is like the alluring but allusive friend who shows up when they want and they don’t care when you need them or how you need them. They love to surprise you but will disappear if you’re not paying attention. So what then? Do you wait by the window with your eyes peeled and thumbs twiddling? NO!

Let me introduce you to my friend Momentum.  Momentum is way more reliable. Not always as enticing as Muse, but will be there to keep you moving and working and busy and believe it or not is a way better friend in the long run because they help you to get better. They are like a trainer who shows up on time every morning to work your muscles and keep you fit just in time for that allusive and alluring friend Muse to show up.

Here is my point. Don’t wait for that lightning bolt of an idea to come to you. Just write. Write all different kinds of stories. Write crappy first drafts. Just write. So when that wonderful idea does come your way, you will be in great shape to write it and take it all the way.