Poetry poured out of me from the moment I could hold a pencil.


My greatest influence was Shel Silverstein. I found his cadenced rhymes and his playful witty tales spun in song irresistible.  He also said something. And he dared to say more. He trusted us to handle it.

I am the kind of poet who shreds her soul in verse.  I love rhyme.  I love to see the positive in even the bleakest of situations.

I started a poetry blog on Instagram in July of 2016. It has now reached over 9,000 followers. Being able to share in others creativity is a blessing beyond words. Please feel free to visit me there! Instagram @chelsealinwallace.  

I have some new ideas for my poetry blog that will integrate my love of teaching children poetry. Stay tuned. 

I will also be sharing that poetry here – please check them out under the blog and poems category on the sidebar.