Picture Books, Poems

It just feels write

I have always been a writer. Poetry and storytelling came naturally to me. As a young child, I would sit in my closet with my notebook and get lost in my worlds and words.


Life took some twists and turns and I didn’t always follow the writer’s path.

I did sales, PR, marketing, and digital media.  Not exactly children’s books.

I had climbed a fairly steep ladder in the business world when suddenly, a light went off in my head. A familiar light. I followed it and left the world I had created and started again.

I went back to school to get my Masters and teaching certificate.  I taught Elementary school for a few years and when I left the classroom, many students followed me.

I taught everything from math to writing while being a mama to my Charlee.

This led me back to my original love. Writing stories and poetry.

I joined SCBWI, created a critique group, and I wrote, revised, crumpled, cried, and wrote some more. I attended every conference that was offered. I took a picture book writing class at UCLA. I bought every book on picture book writing that was ever written. I hired a freelance editor who became my lighthouse. I asked questions. I queried. I supported my fellow writers. Most importantly…I would write, write, write every day.

Just recently I had the benefit of meeting an incredible agent at the SCBWI conference. We connected and she loved my manuscript.  That manuscript was nominated for the Sue Alexander Award. It all felt too good to be true.

But it was true.

I am now proudly represented by the amazing Jen Rofé at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

I don’t sit in the closet anymore but I still get lost in my worlds and words.

And it just feels write.